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Is the claim that wifi blockers are harmful to the human body reliable?

Admin Posted on 2022-09-02

I don't know when, the saying that wifi signal jammers are harmful" became popular on the Internet. Is it reliable to say that jammers are harmful to the human body?

The damage caused by the jammer is the same as that of electronic devices such as mobile phones. The harm of the wifi signal jammer to the human body cannot be generally said to be harmful or harmless. The radiation is related to the distance. but will not cause harm to the human body.

In order to find out whether the claim that the shielding device is harmful to the human body is reliable, some reporters specially found the shielding device for testing.
In the first step, the two reporters who conducted the test sat on chairs two meters away from the jammer. Since the office was small, it was very close to the jammer. When the reporter turned on the power switch on the top of the machine, the reporter's cell phone signal disappeared, and the cell phone signals of the other three people in the house were also blocked.
mini wifi jammer In the second step, the reporter stayed in the house with the shield turned on for nearly 2 hours, during which the photojournalist took pictures of the mobile phone shield at close range, but there was no "dizziness, weak feet, nausea and vomiting" until the end.
In the third step, 2 hours later, the reporter personally turned off the switch of the jammer, and the signals of the two mobile phones in front of him came back immediately.
In fact, the signal jammers produced by the jammer manufacturers are all qualified products that meet the national standards. Because of their low power, they will not cause harm to the human body.

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