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What's the difference between drone jammer and drone gun?

Admin Posted on 2022-10-20

Many people say that the drone jammer system is so expensive, just buy a drone anti-gun. Next, I will take you to compare the drone signal jammer system and the drone strike gun from various dimensions.

The main working principle of the drone jammer gun is to interfere with and block the flight control system and signal transmission system of the drone, so that the drone can achieve a vertical landing or automatic return, and will not destroy or damage the drone. The single-channel power of the gun is larger, the interference distance is longer, and the striking effect can be achieved faster and more accurately.

The drone UAV jammer can quickly search and detect low-altitude UAVs in large airspace day and night through photoelectric detection, automatically track, measure, and locate the target after finding the target, and guide the electromagnetic interference equipment to emit electromagnetic waves to interfere and suppress the target UAV. so as to force the drone to land or return, which can protect the safety of activities in many important security activities.

anti drone jammer gun

It is also very simple to use the drone jammer gun. Because the magnifying glass of this device has the function of an 8x lens, it can see a long distance and the target is very clear. And the weight of the drone gun jammer is very light, so there is no difficulty in using it.

The specific one should be selected. Each person should make a selective purchase according to the specific use.

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