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Wifi jammer development trend

Admin Posted on 2022-09-27

In the future, the development trend of wifi jammer is generally to have a certain anti-interference ability. Its characteristics include the following aspects.

1. The frequency range used by the device is wider.
For example, in the past, only standard walkie-talkies were used to transmit answers to candidates in the field, and their working frequency was fixed and limited. Now it has been developed to use any working frequency of the full frequency band.
2. The equipment is developing in the direction of lightness, smallness, and easy concealment.

Many devices are made very small, lightweight, and easily concealed. Such as rice-grain-sized earphones, rubber-type receivers, pinhole cameras, etc.

3. Gradually develop from analog to digital.

Because digital communication has better performance than analog communication, such as good real-time performance, easy to store, reproduce, display and process, and it is not easy to generate errors. Therefore, cheating devices tend to develop in the direction of digital devices.

4. Increased anti-interference performance.

In order to work reliably and be difficult to be found, wifi jammer devices tend to develop in the direction of anti-interference. Such as the use of directional antennas, the use of frequency hopping, spread spectrum technology for information transmission, and so on.

5. Increase the power in order to expand the communication distance.

wifi network jammer

In order to make the cheating behavior more concealed, increase the power of the transmitting device and expand the communication distance, so that the cheater can be hidden in a place that is not easy to be found, so as to protect the cheater.

Knowing the equipment and performance used by cheaters, as well as their development trends, you can use corresponding interference WIFI jammer equipment to control them accordingly.

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