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Does the use of wifi jammer affect other electronic devices?

Admin Posted on 2022-10-14

Now, wifi jammer is not that unfamiliar, especially in schools where they are often seen. It is usually used before and after the classroom and when preparing for exams. This wifi jammer device is not just as simple as shielding mobile phone signals, but more to give candidates a level playing field. The installation of the signal jammer in the examination room may result in no network signal in an area. Special attention should be paid when using it, but this does not affect the transmission of the base station signal.

Nowadays, mobile phones have generally become people's living habits. It may affect some students, and excessive mobile phone use can affect not only eyesight but also academics. Since the emergence of wifi signal jammers, it has cracked down on the phenomenon of some students using mobile phones in school. And it only blocks the mobile phone signal, and the use of other electronic equipment, and the signal sent by the base station is not affected. Many students now have mobile phones and lack self-control. They are addicted to games and novels. They use mobile phones to cheat in exams. Many schools install it and control it.

Many parents take surveys to determine if their children are getting enough sleep, and most of them say "No!". Most of them said their children were not getting the recommended 10 hours of sleep a night for elementary students and nine hours a night for middle school students because many of them were addicted to the world of the internet without realizing the value of time. To avoid this terrible situation, you should try this popular portable wireless WIFI jammer from our online store.


The use of wifi frequency jammer should be viewed rationally. It transmits the signal of the specified frequency band and shields the mobile signal received by the mobile phone, so that the mobile phone cannot connect to the network, and cannot send and receive short messages through the mobile phone, so that the original message cannot be recognized, so as to achieve the purpose of shielding, and it can be completed without interfering with other electronic products normal use.

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