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How wifi jammers are made?

Admin Posted on 2022-09-17

We all know that a wifi jammer is a special tool for anti-cheating, but it is not only used for cheating, but can also be used in all walks of life, such as countries, training institutions, large conferences held by the military, etc. After we know the purpose of the wifi signal jammer, we don't know how the signal jammer manufacturer produces this kind of signal jammer. Let's take a look at how the signal jammer manufacturer originally produced it.

1. There is a strong scientific research team.
We are also very clear that it will take a certain amount of time to develop a wifi blocker tool. In HiSilicon, they have a strong R&D team. These procedures such as experiments are all experiments that have to go through countless times. It can indeed guarantee that the signal of the mobile phone can be shielded before mass production. Otherwise, if the shielding function is not achieved, mass production will not be rewarded. Therefore, the strict production procedures of electronic signal jammer manufacturers can ensure the normal shielding of wifi signal jammers.

portable wifi signal jammer

Second, the wifi signal jammer is widely used.

The wifi frequency jammer can be said to be a high-tech setting. Its main function is to shield the mobile phone signals within a radius of several hundred meters with the center of the jammer. It is mainly used for example in the military. We all know that the military is a privacy In extremely high places, if there is no such shield, if you are not careful, the secrets in the army will be leaked out, which is not good. The other is the large-scale confidential meeting held by the state, and the college entrance examination for students, civil servants and public institution examinations are all places where they are used more.

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