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Saving theft technology: the anti-theft portal jammer

Admin Posted on 2021-02-02

Thanks to the Internet, thieves are now particularly familiar with the various shop theft techniques and processes used to combat business security systems. Online sales sites like Amazon and Aliexpress even allow them to buy guns directly, which can disrupt anti-theft systems in stores.

This is particularly the case with the known anti-theft devices, which can interfere with the antenna signals. Discreet and undetectable anti-theft devices are small electronic electronics boxes that interfere with radio waves from anti-theft systems. They thus prevent communication between textile anti-theft ID cards and security gates, which they have to detect in the event of an attempted theft.

Thanks to this theft technique, thieves can operate in broad daylight. All you have to do is choose the items you want to steal, hide them on them (in large bags, under their jackets or coats ...) and leave them to the sellers with a big smile. Neither seen nor known. You are digging your tee shot unknown.

This new technique of shoplifting worries traders. Fortunately, there are solutions to combat these new devices.

How can you fight against this new flight technique?

Given the growing ingenuity of thieves, AES has decided to expand its range of anti-theft accessories. In fact, new store theft techniques are emerging every day, which is why it is imperative for security professionals to keep innovating. That is why we now offer an anti-jamming system with acousto-magnetic technology in each of our anti-theft gantry cranes.

4G Mobile Signal Jammer

The AES jammer detector, now integrated into our AM anti-theft antennas, informs you in real time when a thief has just entered your store with an anti-theft portal signal jammer. An acoustic alarm alerts you to the impending danger and you can react to it.

An anti-theft system to eliminate all theft techniques

AES has thought of everything for optimal security in your business! In fact, we designed the 5-in-1 anti-theft system for you, which can short-circuit 100% of theft techniques in the store. This AM anti-theft portal contains a number of advanced anti-theft technologies:

- An anti-theft system for identification of ID cards and anti-theft tags

- A metal detector to counter-bag aluminum-lined bags

- A magnetic detector to combat badge decouplers

- An anti-jamming transmitter like the one mentioned above

- A passage counter to measure your attendance rate

Saving theft technology: the anti-theft portal jammer
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