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What are the features of the latest 5G wifi jammer?

Admin Posted on 2022-10-28

What is the shielding effect of the wifi jammer? How to judge its shielding range. When everyone is testing the wifi jammer device, the test methods that may be used are still somewhat inaccurate. The most simple and effective method is to directly test the signal frequency parameters, signal strength, and other data of each frequency band of the jammer through the spectrum analyzer. If there is no such professional electronic testing equipment, you can also use mobile phones of different operators and different signal systems to test the actual shielding range of the wifi signal jammer, which is not a problem.

Preparation for testing wifi signal jammer

In the test, you can prepare mobile phones of different brands and different operators. After the mobile phone wifi signal blocker is powered on, hold the mobile phone from far to near from the position of the wifi frequency jammer, and then check the wifi blocker's shielding effect on the mobile phone signal. effective radius. The distance between the mobile phone and the wifi shielding device is gradually shortened, and at intervals, it is necessary to check whether the mobile phone shows the number of signal bars, sends messages and makes calls. When checking whether the mobile phone interferes, try to call the service hotline of the operator, because the signal display on the mobile phone may appear false and inaccurate when the jammer is just turned on, so you can try to call the service hotline of the operator, if the call fails, or the mobile phone directly shows no signal, the mobile phone is in the interference range, otherwise it means that the shielding range has been exceeded. In the test, it is recommended to detect the shielding distance of the wifi signal shielding device in multiple directions at the same time and test whether a certain point is within the working range of the device. Because the mobile phone is kept in this position for more than 2 minutes, the detection is carried out to make the detection result more accurate.

wireless wifi bluetooth jammer

Compared with professional equipment, although the results obtained through mobile phone tests have certain limitations, they are relatively easy to understand. In addition, professional equipment requires relatively high professional knowledge of operators in operation, and everyone does not necessarily have professional equipment. Therefore, it is also a common operation method to use a mobile phone to test the wifi bluetooth jammer.

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