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How to test the effect of wifi jammer?

Admin Posted on 2022-09-13

Wifi jammer is used in many places, but it is not ready to be used immediately after installation. We also need to go through a certain test to determine its use effect and ensure that it is truly effective.

If you want to see whether the wifi signal jammer can really effectively block the signal, it is very important to test it when purchasing a wifi blocker.

The first thing to do is to test the shielding distance of the wifi jammer. Don't just try it with one or two network mobile phones. Cheating candidates use different mobile phone networks during the exam, especially 4G mobile phone network (4G network adopts broadband high-speed transmission method, if the power of the wifi signal blocker is not enough, it may not block 4G).

Therefore, it is necessary to find all network mobile phones of the current mobile communication providers before testing, and ensure that each network can meet the minimum one classroom before it is passed. Sometimes none.

Another important point: if it is a metal-cased mobile phone shield, touch the front and back sides of the phone 1 hour after the phone is turned on. If the temperature is moderate and not hot, there will be no problem. If it is very hot, it will not pass. It will cause the power of the shield to be attenuated, it will not work stably, and burns may easily occur.

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Safely store your wifi blocker

As portable wifi jammers are sold, cell phone signal jammers should be stored in a safe place. However, if you use it for a long time, you need to unplug it and store it in a safe place without fire. If abnormal conditions such as smoke or fire occur during use, it should be closed immediately and sent to professional testing personnel for processing. Non-professionals are not allowed to repair. Because of this, we must ensure that the wifi signal jammer is safe in any situation.

The location must be secure. Children and people who do not need access to the location are not allowed to visit the location. The location is also not open to the public.

You need to make every effort to ensure that your wifi jammer is safely stored in a very clean and dry environment. The storage location of the wifi jammer device must not be placed in the hands of minors, so as not to inadvertently cause harm to themselves.

Don't turn off the wifi blockers frequently during work. After get off work, turn off the power and keep it in a safe place.
In short, wifi frequency jammers must be stored safely, there are places where wifi jammers can play an important role, but there are also some dangerous situations. We might as well think about whether it is necessary to use cell phone signal jamming equipment at certain times and places to avoid harming ourselves.

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