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What is unique about the wireless signal jammer system?

Admin Posted on 2022-08-22

In the face of places that need to use multiple signal jammer devices, it is often inconvenient to manage. Due to the large number of blocker devices, the daily inspection workload is relatively large. So the wireless wifi signal jammer was launched, so what is unique about the wireless signal shielding system?

①Basic control function: After setting up the wireless signal jammer, the remote switch control of shielding equipment can be completed through software. These are the most common and most basic control functions, and they are also very easy to operate. This function is essential.

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②Timer switch function: Managers can customize the schedule according to their own needs, so that a certain or a group of shielding devices can be turned on and off regularly.

③Fault display function: managers can check the working status of the signal jammer through the software to see if the wireless signal jammer is faulty. If the shielding equipment fails, the alarm information can be provided in time, so that the management personnel can find and repair in time to ensure the continuous wireless signal shielding system. stable operation.

④Adjustment function: For example, there are frequent activities of people in residential areas around the used environment. In this case, the wireless signal shielding system can adjust the transmission power of each shielding module of each wifi jammer device and reduce the transmission power of the shielding module. to minimize the interference of shielding equipment to the outside world, to ensure that the signal in the place can be effectively shielded, and it will not cause interference to the outside signal.

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