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Shielding principle of wifi jammer

Admin Posted on 2022-08-17

General wifi signal blockers are implemented by sending malicious disassociation frames. This trick is used to forcibly cut off the connection after identifying (malicious routes) in the right way to prevent users from connecting to malicious routes or apps. If it is used on the jammer, no matter which route is connected, all disassociation frames will be sent, and then the user will not be able to connect.

There are several ways to implement a blocker, but at some higher hardware cost. The defense method is according to what other friends said before, and the router and terminal are replaced with a higher version of the wifi protocol. The higher version of the device will require support for 802.11w, so the method of disassociating the frame is not easy to use. In fact, purely theoretically and technically, there is another trick to increase the priority of the entire network, because the wifi signal jammer only changes something on the application side. . This transmission is at the default priority, so tossing a higher priority transmission can cover it. Amount, although in reality, ordinary users cannot operate this.

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In addition, since cheap blockers are usually single-antenna, since wireless wifi bluetooth jammer can only work on one channel at a time, it is possible that some channels will not be disturbed, so fix the channel of wifi routing to an edge point channel , may also be useful. Especially in the 5g band, a lot of cheap blockers are skipped. A more advanced blocker, one is still based on sending and disassociating, that is, using several network cards and antennas, one antenna for each channel, parallel identification, and then sending and disassociating. This solution is similar to the above, the official method of the protocol is 802.11w. The other is the power interference of the frequency sweep. This kind of interference is a kind of physical power interference, so there is no way to directly resist it. When encountering such a position where the interference source needs to be detected, it is necessary to turn off the interference source to solve it.

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