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How drones can steal company secrets

Admin Posted on 2022-11-18

Unmanned aerial vehicles, or "UAVs" for short, are unmanned aerial vehicles controlled by radio remote control equipment and their own programmed control devices. In recent years, with the explosive development of the UAV industry, UAVs have been widely used in traditional and non-traditional security fields. In addition to military applications, they are also involved in scientific research, agriculture, electricity, transportation, meteorology, and many other industries. In just a few years, drones have moved from niche to mass, especially in the civilian drone application market, and even toward madness and abuse. This evolving technology brings benefits and convenience, but the threats are also becoming more and more apparent.

As drones become an increasingly important part of today's world of advanced technology, businesses need to immediately address the security and privacy concerns they pose. The use of drone jammer to prevent corporate espionage and malicious activity has become a growing concern for organizations.

Drones pose a unique danger. Unfortunately, fences, guards, and other physical measures are no defense against its threat.

How drones threaten corporate secrets.

1. Listening to private conversations
Drones can easily be equipped to capture audio. The ability to record clear conversations is evolving, and devices are already available for free. They can easily pick up the sound without interference.
Four walls will no longer protect what you say in a confidential meeting, even if you travel to an undisclosed location, so drones can be programmed to track your manager.

handheld drone jammer

2. Photos and video
Much of the appeal of drones is due to their ability to take aerial photos, photographs, or record video, whether for a hobby, educational or malicious purposes. These drones are small and fly at relatively high altitudes. Ordinary people look up to the sky to find the drone, which is basically an impossible task, so drones can dive into private spaces at will to take pictures. , after the video is recorded, the person being photographed is kept in the dark.
Even the most basic smartphones can take high-quality photos and videos, and drones can be easily set up to quickly capture images of classified events and transmit them to potential attackers or snoopers.

3. cyberhacking and networking
Attacks Cyber attacks can be particularly devastating if a drone carrying a device that supports cyber attacks is in close proximity to your hardware, software, network, data storage, or processing operations. Drones can land near an enterprise and conduct data injection attacks or disrupt Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and other wireless connections, and network penetration of insecure or improperly secured networks is a known attack method for fraudsters and cybercriminals. In addition, it is common to plant malicious code to cancel operations. In addition, the physically unfettered nature of onboard devices means they can be physically attacked against your setup.

Stop these threats with a drone signal jammer

The answer is yes. Let's take a look at drone jamming systems, drone jammer equipment, and drone defense systems.

There are many drone products, which are divided into different models: fixed-mounted low-altitude defense systems, backpacking drone countermeasure equipment, tow-box drone frequency jammer, handheld drone defense systems, etc.

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