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Why does my phone still have a signal after using a wireless jammer?

Admin Posted on 2022-08-22

After the wireless wifi jammer is used, if you want to know how it works, it mainly depends on whether the mobile phone displays a signal. If the signal is not displayed, the masking was successful. But what should I do if I find that the mobile phone has a signal after using the wireless jammer? What is the cause? We can solve this problem by judging the following phenomena:

Phenomenon 1. If the phone can be connected normally, it means that the shielding area has not been effectively shielded. If there is no signal after the mobile phone is close to the wireless wifi signal jammer, it means that there is a base station or signal amplifier distribution at the location. When this situation cannot meet the on-site shielding requirements, some high-power shielding equipment can be added.

wireless wifi bluetooth jammer

Phenomenon 2, the shielding effect of different mobile phones is good or bad. It shows that some mobile phones have relatively strong anti-interference performance, and such things will happen to mobile phones with high sensitivity.

Phenomenon 3. The mobile phone looks like there is a signal, but it can't make a call, indicating that this is a false signal. In fact, the mobile phone has been blocked and did not respond in time. As long as the mobile phone data is turned on again, or a call is made, it is found that the data signal turns gray.

All of these reasons may cause the mobile phone to have a signal after using the wireless wifi bluetooth jammer. It mainly depends on the signal strength of the scene. Where the signal is strong, the shielding distance of the wireless wifi frequency jamme will be shortened. Otherwise, the shielding effect will be very good. So be sure to adjust it when using it, and control the distance from the phone if necessary.

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