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Is the wifi jammer in the exam room easy to crack?

Admin Posted on 2022-10-06

Now there are wifi jammer in exam rooms, but some people want to use some means to cheat, and even try to find loopholes at all costs. So, is the test room wifi signal jammer easy to be cracked? There must be many people who want to crack it, but it is recommended that you do not take chances. Not for anything else, just because the wifi blocker is not as simple as you think. In the past, the old signal jammers used segmented cut-off signals, and the signals were converted from time to time. But now the wifi frequency jammer has been upgraded, and it is not the old equipment of the year.

Today's devices are basically upgraded to devices with multiple antennas. The most common is a device with eight antennas. This device can transmit signals in eight frequency bands at the same time, so if you are lucky, it is impossible to succeed. Exams are a lifetime thing. If you don't really master the knowledge and use some means to pass the test, the final result will not be very good. Instead of coaxing yourself by cheating, it is better to simply learn from the beginning. It is not so easy to crack the wifi blocker. In addition, technology is becoming more and more developed, and the products produced by many companies are becoming more and more advanced. With the development of science and technology, I believe that the equipment in this area will only become more and more accurate in the future. If you want to be admitted to a good school, it is best to study hard. Only studying hard is better than using any means.

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Can you use a wifi jammer without blocking emergency communications?

Yes! You can use a wifi jammer device without blocking communication with law enforcement and first responders. The best jammers emit signals that block most communications, but not the frequency bands used by emergency responders.

Emergency medical personnel, firefighters, police, and all medical service pagers use a different frequency band than regular cell phone calls. This ensures that emergency communications can take place without the risk of losing connectivity due to overuse of frequencies or weak signals.

At times, you may even notice that your phone does this on its own. At times, your signal may be very weak, but you will receive an "emergency call only" notification. This means you can still ask for help regardless of your internet connection.

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