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What should be done in the establishment of a wifi jammer system in prisons?

Admin Posted on 2022-10-28

Determine the scope of the shielded area, whether it is the key area (or inside the building) in the prison area or the entire fenced compound;

Clarify the expected planning and effects of the shielding project, including the planning funds for the entire wifi jammer project, whether it is to simply install a wifi signal jammer to achieve shielding effect or to carry out scientific and intelligent centralized control shielding;

Prepare the unit floor plan and mark the name, layout, size, and floor height of each building in the prison area. At the same time, the surrounding environment of the prison should also be marked, especially the location of office areas, residential houses, or social factories and enterprises within a few hundred meters of the fence;

Divide key shielded areas, non-key shielded areas, and areas that do not need to be shielded;

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Understand the distribution of base stations around the prison (location and telecommunications company);

Prepare for on-site investigation and testing of dealers or manufacturers of wifi shielding system construction projects in the future;

Comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of the traditional scheme of only installing the shielding device and the intelligent management system of the prison shielding network.

For the signal shielding of a prison or supervision area, whether it is the method of using low-power isolators for cellular distribution or the scheme of using high-power wifi signal jammer as the main and low-power isolators to supplement the blind area, the entire prison area will be blocked. Install a number of wifi frequency jammer points. For these shielding points, it is not necessary to install and start the test to achieve the shielding effect to count as the successful completion of the project. How to ensure the normal and stable operation of these several signal shielding points in the future This is the key to the entire wifi jammer device project!

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