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What are the technical characteristics of the portable drone jammer gun?

Admin Posted on 2022-11-03

The standard configuration of security personnel is a portable drone jammer gun. How to say, because the security personnel patrol the location is not fixed, and the portable drone gun jammer is easy to carry. Compared with the high cost of fixed drone anti-guns, it is more economical to use this portable drone jamming device.

The main working principle of the portable drone signal jammer is to interfere with and block the flight control system and signal transmission system of the drone, so that the drone can achieve a vertical landing or automatic return, and will not destroy or damage the drone, the fourth generation The single-channel power of the percussion gun is larger, the interference distance is longer, and the striking effect can be achieved faster and more accurately.

Portable drone counter guns are mainly used in airports, public security systems, prisons, detention centers, drug rehabilitation centers, confidential agencies, troops, large-scale events, concerts, important meetings, government agencies, and anti-terrorism fields that require space confidentiality, and no one. important areas for machine control.

handheld drone jammer

Features of portable drone jammer gun:

1. The equipment is small in size and light in weight, and can be operated by a single soldier;

2. Precise blocking frequency, directional high-gain antenna, long distance, and target standard;

3. Imported chips to ensure quality and stability;

4. Built-in large-capacity battery to ensure long standby time, equipped with two batteries, which can be replaced at any time;

5. Portable suitcase design, not restricted by any terrain environment;

6. The operation is simple, and the machine can work without professional skills.

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