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Can I use a drone jammer privately?

Admin Posted on 2022-10-19

Nowadays, the stock of consumer drones is gradually increasing, and the number of drone enthusiasts who do not obey the order is also gradually increasing. For this reason, some factories, companies, and farms have installed drone shields to prevent these "violations". UAVs, but related companies and individuals do not have strong radio frequency awareness, and drone jammer manufacturers have exploited loopholes, resulting in many cases of drone signal jammer equipment disturbing navigation and normal civilian GPS signals in recent years.

It is understood that these drone frequency jammer can block and interfere with the 2.4Ghz remote control signal, 5.8Ghz image transmission signal, and GPS signal of the drone. The interference to civil aviation is because of the high-power radio countermeasures equipment opposite the GPS positioning information of civil aviation passenger aircraft. , The GPS beacon station interfered, resulting in the inability of civil aviation aircraft to fly according to the route accurately. If you have experienced GPS instability for a long time in some places in villages and towns, there is a high probability of being interfered by drone countermeasures and GPS shielding devices. Moreover, the UAV anti-preparation can set the option of disconnecting the remote control signal and GPS, and choose not to open it at the same time.

anti drone uav jammer

If the drone jammer device is to be erected for safety, it is necessary to ask the local radio administration for questions related to the erection, and the interference range should be set according to the documents issued by the relevant departments, and some need to be set according to local conditions. interference range.
In addition, judging from the current situation of drones "exploding" due to interference, mainstream drones will make forced landings after disconnecting GPS, remote control, and image transmission signals, but they will also drift with the change of wind direction. Buildings, hitting power lines and hurting innocent people.

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