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The use of wireless wifi frequency jammers in police activities

Admin Posted on 2022-09-02

Wireless frequency jammer is a widely equipped explosion-proof equipment in explosion-related places. wifi frequency jammers are commonly used for defensive jamming of remotely controlled explosive objects and can play a role in many important policing activities. With the full popularization of 5G networks, the data traffic tariffs of major operators have been reduced, and various real-time video communication software and live video platforms have risen rapidly. Although these softwares bring convenience and entertainment to people's lives, they also interfere with the law enforcement activities of public security organs to varying degrees. wifi signal jammer shield and cover radio signals by emitting high-power multi-band radio waves. They are usually used to perform frequency interference on remote-controlled explosive devices at the EOD site, so that the explosive devices cannot be detonated.

5g wifi jammer

There is no trivial matter in the bombing case, the public security organs are equipped with wifi frequency jammers, the main purpose is to prevent the threat of remotely controlled explosives. The application of radio frequency jammers in explosion-related cases is relatively mature. Turning on the radio frequency jammer first at the blasting site has become one of the primary means of some EOD teams.

When dealing with the explosion site, the full frequency band should be used as much as possible to block interference, and the low-frequency signal of the point-to-point remote control should be completely covered with the high-frequency signal of the mobile phone 5G. The number of radio frequency channels and radio frequency power required by this interference mode are very large, so it puts forward high requirements on the performance of the equipment. The upgrade and routine maintenance of the wifi disruptor equipment should be strengthened in the later stage.

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