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Your phone could be used for Wi-Fi spoofing and classic MITM attacks

Admin Posted on 2022-08-24

As you probably know, the traditional device used to break into a Wi-Fi network is a laptop, because the hacker will be able to use a variety of specific wireless modules, transmitters and receivers, and the hacker will have a lot of specific software. The notebook is also powerful enough to start all required calculations. That's why the "classic" Wi-Fi hacker is a guy with a laptop in a black car. But as you know, smartphones and mobile platforms are developing very fast, and nowadays, all these hacking operations can be done easily from your smartphone.

Disclaimer: It's not a how-to guide, it's a simple example of how wireless networks aren't really secure.

First we should mention that your phone must be jailbroken, but you should know that jailbreaking does make your smartphone less secure. All the applications needed to hack wireless networks are available in the repository. The library will enable hackers to use several popular applications for traffic interception.

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You'll also need access to your smartphone's console. They are available in the standard repository. Also, if you are an experienced user, the app will be very useful. But you should be very careful because with these apps, you can easily get malware into your smartphone.

These apps provide real coverage options for Wi-Fi spoofing and attacking. Can collect and analyze traffic and obtain WEP keys for network access. If the target wireless network uses WPA or WPA-2 encryption protocol - you must wait until someone connects to the network. The password he enters at that time will be intercepted. The only downside here is that using console mode is really inconvenient.

As a conclusion, we can say that wireless networks are not as secure as we used to think. They can be hacked with a smartphone and a simple app. That's why we always recommend avoiding this type of network and using a wired connection or at least a wireless wifi bluetooth jammer where Wi-Fi is accessible from outside your facility. We hope this article helped you learn about hackers and avoid Wi-fi hackers, keeping your private or corporate information more secure.

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