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The misunderstanding of using mobile phone shielding cabinet or mobile phone storage cabinet

Admin Posted on 2020-11-30

As the name implies, the mobile phone storage cabinet is only used to store mobile phones and does not have the effect of shielding the mobile terminal from communicating with the outside world. The mobile phone shielding cabinet mainly shields the communication connection signal, taking into account the storage of mobile phones, and can effectively shield the mobile terminal and the base station (including GPS). , Wiif, infrared, Bluetooth, etc.). For some places where sound insulation is not ideal, once the mobile phone is tracked and located or the microphone (camera) function is activated by remote control, it may be used to steal nearby sound (image) information, causing information leakage.

In our daily work, in order to effectively prevent mobile terminal equipment from being brought into secret places, in addition to relying on mobile terminal users to consciously turn in, we may also need to use monitoring equipment such as "mobile phone detection doors" to further monitor entry Whether the personnel in the secret place carry a mobile terminal.

The mobile phone detection door is a security inspection product that detects and alarms mobile phones and other electronic items. This product can identify and alarm the mobile phone carried by people (whether the mobile phone is in standby, shutdown, power-on, battery removal, SIM card removal, etc.) , And show the location of suspicious objects in the form of a human map, helping staff to determine the location of the mobile phone.

This product can eliminate the false alarms of daily metal life items carried by the tested person's body, and adopts passive passive induction detection method throughout the whole process, and does not cause radiation damage to the tested person and objects. With high sensitivity and detection accuracy, it is currently the most practical monitoring program to prevent mobile phones from being brought into.

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In order to ensure the security of classified information, a "cell phone jammer" should also be placed in the classified area to block the communication of mobile terminals that are intentionally or unintentionally brought into the classified area.

The MP-3000 series directional confidential conference jammer is designed for the mainstream mobile communication equipment under the current situation. It uses eight independent systems inside, and each channel is equipped with a corresponding interference signal radio frequency generating unit, which operates independently and does not affect each other. The device has a built-in professional directional radio frequency antenna, which can be used for CDMA, GSM, WCDMA, TD, DCS, WiFi, TDD-LTE (currently commercial and quasi-commercial seven-segment 4G frequency bands) and various mobile phones and The wireless local area network signal is shielded, so that all mobile phones within the shielding range are completely disconnected from the outside world. The built-in professional directional antenna of this machine has high gain and low standing wave. After starting, all target signals cannot be transmitted in the sector area centered on this machine.

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