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Shanghai Real Estate Group held the 2019 annual work conference-conference room shield

Admin Posted on 2020-11-24

On February 7, Shanghai Real Estate Group held its 2019 annual work conference at the Expo Development Group Conference Center. Feng Jingming, Chairman and Secretary of the Party Committee, on behalf of the group’s party and government leadership team, made a work report entitled "Tackling difficulties, creating a new situation for reform, transformation and development, and writing a new chapter in the urban renewal business in the face of challenges." During the discussion, Zhu Jiajun, deputy secretary of the party committee and president, summarized the meeting and put forward work requirements. Chairman of the Board of Supervisors Sun Rongqian, Vice President Xue Hong, Xu Sunqing, Guan Taoping, Secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection Chen Jintian, and Chief Financial Officer Guan Wei attended the meeting.

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During the meeting, the participants were divided into 13 groups, and discussed the topics of the group work report and improvement of the position, filling of shortcomings, refinement of goals, and improvement of management. Based on the actual situation of the unit, everyone talked about their experience, said ideas and made suggestions. Members of the group's leadership team also participated in the group discussions and exchanged views on issues of concern to everyone. In order to protect participants from outside interference in the conference room, the conference room signal jammer is placed around the conference room to make the participants focus more on the meeting and improve the overall quality of the meeting.

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