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Is there a problem with the wifi signal jammer in the examination room?

Admin Posted on 2022-11-15

The annual college entrance examination has gradually begun. During the whole process of today's college entrance examination, candidates take pictures with their mobile phones and send the test papers to the QQ group to find the answers. On June 7, 2022, a candidate in Gansu Province violated the regulations by bringing a mobile phone into the examination room and sending a photo to the QQ group to cheat during the examination, which aroused close attention to social development. On June 8, the Education and Examination Institute of the Ministry of Education of Gansu announced that it had been checked through strict investigations by relevant administrative agencies that cheating in the mathematics examination papers would not be missed in the preliminary examinations. The question is, how did Tang Moumou bring his mobile phone into the examination room? Is the test site not equipped with a signal jammer? Why doesn't the wifi jammer has the effect of blocking data signals?

Naturally, cheating will undoubtedly be severely punished, but if the problem is not dealt with thoroughly, it may still occur later. First of all, we should grasp how Tang brought his phone into the exam room, why he wasn't spotted when he took pictures, and why he wasn't blocked by a wifi signal jammer when he submitted his internet tech. This is also what you want to figure out. Is it because the examinee's cheating method is "too clever"? Or that there is other inside information here, if it is the latter, the affiliated unit must be responsible for all the legal basis without a doubt.

wifi signal blocker

Just a few days before the college entrance examination, everyone should receive a reminder text message from the relevant enterprises. The content of the information: (During the college entrance examination, all test rooms across the country will turn on the wifi signal to block the machines and equipment. It affects the call quality of nearby customers, including the lack of access to the Internet, the slow speed of the Internet, and the interruption of the call. Please forgive me.)

If you don’t know what the function of the signal jammer is, you may think that the communication company has turned off the data signal in the unique area, but everyone who understands it is clear that the test room has entered the wifi jammer device, which will directly affect the mobile phone. and other communication equipment applications. Even under such strict control, why does the personal behavior of using mobile phones to cheat still occur? This must first master the principle of the signal blocker.

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