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Three factors that affect the working time of wifi signal jammers

Admin Posted on 2022-08-18

As you know, actual working time will depend on signal interference strength and battery capacity. Signal interference strength depends on three factors:

The power of the jammer

The power of the mobile phone signal jammer is large or small, and the shielding distance of the signal jammer with high power will be farther, but for some places with strong signals, such as base stations between 100-200 meters, or installed signals The jammer will affect the shielding effect of the wifi signal jammer, so a jammer with high power can be used to suppress the mobile phone signal.

The distance between the mobile phone and the wireless jammer

High-power wireless jammers can block 2G, 3G, 4G signals well in open areas; but if the distance between your phone and the wireless jammer is very short (less than 10 meters), then it cannot block its rated power Such a strong signal. This is because there are many obstacles between them, which will cause their signal attenuation, such as walls or human bodies, as well as indoor and outdoor field strength differences, the ground and metal objects will affect the shielding effect of the mobile phone signal jammer. etc; these obstacles make it difficult for your phone to successfully receive a high-quality signal from a nearby base station, blocking it through brute force methods (jamming).

wifi signal jammer

The strength of the wireless jammer.

Signal attenuation (also known as path loss). Signal attenuation is the reduction in received signal level as it propagates through a physical medium such as air or water at different distances from a transmitting source such as a base station antenna, which results in a reduction in received power level as path loss increases with It propagates exponentially with increasing distance between the source and receiving units, while passing through media such as human tissue, including metal objects such as doors and windows.

Actual working time will depend on signal interference strength and battery capacity. Signal interference strength depends on the power of the wireless jammer and its distance from the phone. Signal attenuation is mostly related to whether there are obstacles between your phone and the wireless wifi bluetooth jammer, or whether you use multiple jammers or directional jammers.

When using a weak 4G low-power cell phone jammer, if there is no obstacle between it and your cell phone, it can theoretically work for 2 hours. But if there are obstacles such as walls or other materials between them that have a great impact on the signal (eg: metal), their working time will be greatly shortened due to reduced transmission quality; when using more powerful ones with higher output power With jammers, this problem does not arise at all, as the signal can easily pass through any obstacle without losing too much energy

In conclusion, when applying a mobile phone signal jammer, it is necessary to understand the environmental area and shielding distance of the shielding place, carefully analyze the local signal, whether there are base stations around and the characteristics of the building structure, so as to select a suitable mobile phone signal jammer.

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