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The best use range and price of the wifi jammer in the exam room?

Admin Posted on 2022-09-21

Nowadays, many schools will install the wifi jammer in order to prevent the occurrence of fraud. However, whether the school or the students, do not know how many meters the best use range of the wifi signal jammer in the examination room is. In fact, the scope of use is also related to the brand. Most of the signal jammers in the examination room are used within a range of 200 meters, and such jammers are generally installed in a classroom. However, there are some that can reach coverage in the thousand square. Such as Jammer mart's wireless wifi bluetooth jammer.

Therefore, the use range of the wifi frequency jammer in the examination room is related to the product itself. As for its optimal use range, it generally refers not to the coverage of the signal, but to the range from the base station or amplifier. Within 200 meters from the base station or amplifier, the use of signal jammers in the examination room is the best. Generally, the diameter coverage of the wifi jammer device in the examination room is within 60 meters. That is equivalent to a classroom of 120 square meters. Therefore, the gap between products still exists. After installing the wifi signal blocker, you can test the effect and judge the installation plan according to the effect. Generally, at least one test room signal jammer is installed in a classroom. Because even within the optimal range of use, its ability to penetrate walls cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, in order to ensure the effect, the best way is to find a signal jammer with wall penetration capability or a larger coverage area.

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How much is the price of wifi jammer?

The price of the wifi jammer kit varies from tens of dollars to several thousand dollars according to the different occasions used.
Signal jammers are generally divided into special signal jammers for examination rooms, venue-specific signal jammers, prison-specific signal jammers, hand-held signal jammers, and GPS signal jammers. You can choose your suitable cell phone signal jammer according to the occasion and environment you want to use.


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