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The relationship between wifi jammer power and price?

Admin Posted on 2022-10-06

During the exam, how to ensure that the wifi jammer is normal and useful, and can play a good role in blocking, this is very important. When many people buy wifi jammers, they often come across various wifi signal jammers of different prices. How to judge these and whether they are worth so much money?

The relationship between price and power of wifi jammer

The wifi blocker is divided into low power, medium power and high power.
Small power, that is to say within 2W, this 2W refers to 2W for each channel. If it is 8 channels, the shield is 16W. This is suitable for home use, small meeting rooms, etc., generally within 15 square meters.

Medium power refers to between 2W-4W. If each way is 4W, or 8-way, it is 32W. This may generally be regarded as medium power. This applies to exam rooms, gas stations, etc. Generally, the shielding area will be larger.

High power means more than 5W. If it is 8-way, it means that the machine is above 40W. This power is very large. Applicable to factories, etc.

Now on the market, many fake power machines are generally powered by 5V and are also written as 24W or 36W. This means that your car originally had a displacement of 1.0, but in the advertisement, you literally wrote it as a displacement of 3.0. From the perspective of consumption capital, the larger the displacement, the higher the cost performance.

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What is the relationship between power and the price of wifi signal jammers?

1. What is the actual power? For each power, the corresponding electronic components are different. Especially for some high-power products, electronic components will be very expensive to achieve that effect.

2. How many volts does it depend on? Just like, you are a 1.0 displacement car, your power is the same. If it is a 5v power supply, it will be very difficult to achieve 24w or 36w.

3. Look at the shell. Is it a metal shell, a metal shell, or an aluminum alloy shell? Different shells opened molds, the price is not the same.

4. A little more detail is to look at the design of each module. The general manufacturers use the same module, change a shell, and make wifi jammer device with different powers.

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