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Jammer installed at Maha prison to prevent attacks like Salem

Admin Posted on 2021-02-02

Probably everyone will also find that in the workplace, organizations have gradually learned that to protect sensitive confidential and personal data, their superiors can ask them to use wifi jammer in the office to prevent data leaks or theft. , thus ensuring safety. . The exponential growth of drones and their sometimes harmful uses have convinced security-conscious professionals that the deployment of drone jammers is standard operating procedure to protect people and places.

After the Abu Salem attack, the National Prison Department plans to install cell phone detectors in prisons to prevent illegal use of cell phones.
The department has installed detectors in eight central prisons.
However, after the Salem attack, the prison department plans to install detectors in all prisons in the district within a month.

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According to sources, this is the first time that a motion detector has been installed in a prison.
Detectors purchased by the central government at the cost of Rs 150,000 per machine are currently installed at Yewada Prison in Pune, Arthur Road Prison in Mumbai, Taloya Prison in Navi Mumbai, Central Prison in Tana and the central prison. Amrawati, Kolahapur, Nashik and Nagpur prisons.

After the trial, 28 local prisons and Aurangabad Central Prison will likely be discovered.
The investigation into the shooting incident in Abu Salem revealed that gunman Devendra Jagtap smuggled two cell phones into Talokha prison, where he was kicked out of the Mafia Joda Shah. Kiel ordered it.

Several such cases have been reported in state prisons.
In addition to motion detectors, the prison department is also planning to install 450 phone jammers in the prison, which has already spent nearly 15 million rupees in the budget.
The jammer will first be installed in the 9 central prisons, then in 28 district prisons.
Police Inspector Vinod Lokhande confirmed that the motion detector is currently on trial in prison.

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