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Principles of using wifi jammer in schools, prisons

Admin Posted on 2022-09-30

Improper application of wifi jammer in schools and prisons may cause unnecessary harm to the human body.

Theoretical analysis shows that when the wifi signal jammer is working, if the transmission power is too large due to improper setting, in a small-scale conference room, classroom, and other confined spaces, the electromagnetic waves are superimposed in the narrow space, and the electromagnetic waves will pass through the walls that are originally separated from the outside. The multiple reflections from the ceiling and the ground will cause the personnel in the room to be exposed to more serious electromagnetic pollution. According to the survey, the college entrance examination and the senior high school entrance examination are the occasions where mobile phone signal jammers are used the most, and in some examination rooms that use cell phone signal jammers, some parties (gaokao inspectors, candidates, and teachers) are in a state of irritability and inability to concentrate. even headaches. There are various indications that if the transmission power of the wifi jammer is too large, it will seriously affect the normal thinking of candidates in the examination room.
As we all know, the characteristics of the free propagation of radio waves in the air, the wifi signal blocker can block the signal of the mobile communication base station in a specific area and achieve its limited purpose, but it will also harm human health to varying degrees, so be careful to use wifi blockers.

The use of wifi blockers should not be exchanged at the expense of public mobile communications.

Among those who use wifi signal blockers, some are to prevent cheating in exams, and some are for the quietness of the venue or the confidentiality of meeting information, which is all out of good intentions and purposes. But there are also those for selfish interests.10 channel wifi jammer For example, the owner of a public telephone may use a jammer to interfere with the mobile communication base station near his business location, so that those who do business near the public telephone he operates will use the mobile phone instead. Pay phone calls to increase your financial income. In addition, mobile communication operators may also use jammers to harm the interests of each other, so that they can gain an advantage in some local competition in the same industry. In addition, the wifi jammer device is also easy to add software to become a veritable eavesdropping.

The above list is the purpose of people using wifi frequency jammers, but no matter what the purpose is, it should not be exchanged at the expense of public mobile communication. In fact, according to research, it is possible to install wifi jammer device without affecting the normal use of public mobile communications.

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