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The portable jammers are now well welcomed by people are all because that can be taken out with them whenever they go out, and has bring people a lot of convenience. To meet people different needs there are also various types of portable signal jammers like the Portable cell phone jammer, handheld GPS jammer, portable drone jammer, handheld wifi jammer, pocket bluetooth jammer and also many other multi-functional portable blockers.

Especially for car owners who are concerned about being tracked by GPS trackers or cell phone signal tracking devices, handheld multi-function GPS and cell phone signal jammers are a wise and perfect choice. This type of jammer device is easy to use and remove, and the various products here are inexpensive and fully functional to meet any of your needs.This type of portable product uses a concealed design with high camouflage performance. It can be carried in a pocket, a school bag, etc, it is difficult to be found, and it is suitable for secret tasks that need jammer operations. Also, if you need to intercept a signal in an area and don't want to be detected, this portable jamming device is one of the best options.

portable cell phone jammer
8 Bands Portable CDMA GSM DCS PCS 3G 4G WiFi GPS Lojack Cell Phone Jammers

This portable jammers is powerful,Can jamming with multiple frequencies, such as GSM 3G 4G WIFI Bluetooth GPS Lojack.The variety of 8 antennas and shielding signals makes them very popular in the market.The powerful power makes the interference radius reach 30 meters.

$316.69 $565.89

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portable cell phone jammer
High Power Handheld 8 Bands Cell Phone GPS WIFI LOJACK Signal Jammer

The latest handheld design Unique High Power handheld cell phone signal Jammer with 8 high gains antennas 28 watts.

$667.77 $799.89

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8 wire handheld wifi blocker
The Latest Handheld High Power 4G Mobile Signal Jammer With Plastic Shell

This High-power handheld (2G/3G/4G full-band) cell phone jammer with Wi-Fi/ GPS/LOJACK signal, easy to carry, flexible to use, and built-in large capacity battery, can be used in the Public Security, Police, The Bomb Squad, S.W.A.T, Military security forces ,Anti-terrorist units, Anti-drug units, Border control units, Checkpoints, Personal use, etc.

$394.99 $616.59

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portable cell phone signal jammers
8 Bands Handheld Portable GPS WiFi 2G/3G/4G Powerful Cell Phone Signal Jammer

Handheld 8 antenna wifi signal jammers are available in two signal bands: 4G/3G/2G+WiFi+GPSL1+LOJACK and 4G/3G/2G+WiFi+ GPSL1/L2. They are suitable for gas stations, schools, libraries and other places. The maximum interference radius is up to 20 meters.

$308.89 $618.89

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wifi portable jammer for sale
8 Bands High Power Portable Cell Phone Jammers Blocked WiFi GPS 2G 3G 4G

This powerful 8 antennas portable cell phone jammer uses a longer gain omnidirectional antenna that can interfere with a wider range of radii, up to 25m. It can interfere with devices that rely on the 2G 3g 4g wifi gps lojack signal band. The 8000 mA Ni-Mh and the built-in fan cooling system ensure that it can be used continuously for more than 2.5 hours.

$539.79 $939.85

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5 bands portable jammers
5 Bands GSM 3G 4G Cell Portable Jammer Jamming WiFi GPS Blockers Device

Black shell 5 antenna signal jammer portable design, here offers a variety of shielding signal combination of portable door jammer, in addition to the commonly used GSM 3G 4G WIFI signals such as GPS, also provides shielding bluetooth, and wireless network camera and wireless alarm frequency interference, all signal interference shielding composite radius of 20 meters.

$239.89 $369.89

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portable gps jammers
Portable GPS Jammer Block Mobile Phone GSM 3G 4G GPS WIFI Signal Frequency

The elegantly designed portable cellphone signal jammer comes in three combination types, GSM + 3G as the basic shielding signal, 4G, WIFI and GPS frequency interference are provided for you at the same time. The maximum interference radius of all signal combinations is about 20 meters.

$309.99 $599.89

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portable wifi jammer
8 Bands Portable Wifi Jammer Block Cell Phone 5G WIFI GPS LOJACK

This is the latest 8 antenna cell phone jammer, nylon back cover and carrying case configuration, interference 2G, 3G, 4G, WIFI2.4G 5.8GHz, GPS signal band, the maximum interference radius distance is 20 meters.

$483.29 $883.29

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cheap portable mobile phone blocker
Hidden Handheld Cheap portable Mobile Phone Blocker For Detecting 2G 3G 4G WIFI GPS Frequency

H-007 Pro is a combiner of precision handheld wireless Sniffer to to detect the RF Signals and concisely determine the location.Cellphone Locking range ups to 10 meters, it can interference frequency CSM 900/CDMA 850/CSM 1800&1900/3G 2100 etc.

$300.89 $499.89

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handheld blocker
Handheld 2G 3G 4G Mini Cell Phone Blocker Detect Wifi GPS Lojack Hidden

HS-007 Plus is a combiner of handheld wireless signal detector, used to detect the RF signals and concisely determine the location of the working tapping device in the targeted venue.Cellphone Locking range ups to 10M, cellphone locker frequency bands: GSM 900/CDMA 2100/DCS 1800/4G 800/3G 700/4G 2600.

$360.99 $569.99

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portable signal jammers
10 Bands Portable High Power GPS Lojack WiFi 4G Signal Jammer

This 10 band portable wireless signal jammer can block all common signal types, such as 2G, 3G, 4G, GPS, WiFi, etc., with a total power of 7W and a maximum interference radius of 20 meters. Inside there is a cooling fan and a larger radiator, a good cooling system.

$600.99 $900.89

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wireless signal detector
Wireless Portable Jammer Detect Recording Signal Device

This handheld wireless tap detector TG-007B small and portable, but professional sensitive, it is one of the most advanced portable wireless signal detectors. By detecting and locating the location of hidden wireless eavesdropping devices, it achieves the purpose of anti-eavesdropping.

$150.99 $280.99

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handheld wifi jammers
6 Bands Armband Handheld Portable All Cell Phone Signal blcoker GSM 3G 4G GPS WIFI Jammer

As one of the most popular portable signal jammers in the market, jamming all cell phone signals,as GSM, 3G, 4G. WIFI or GPS frequencies is up to your needs, the jamming radius is up to 20 meters, and the packaging includes the car charger and the arm pack for device.

$415.89 $718.89

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desktop signal blocker
Desktop Portable Recording Jammers Against Wireless Tapping Device

Mdpb-s108 desktop (disguised version) recording jammer is the star product of recording shield series. At present, nearly all kinds of mainstream recording devices can be shielded by this portable blocker, its coverage rate can reach more than 95% and shielding distance can even reach more than 3-5 meters. Meanwhile, it supports the function of air purifier.

$12699.99 $19699.99

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portable jammer devices
Hand Held Wireless Signal Detector Blocks Eavesdropping Portable Jammer Device

This handheld signal detector is one of most advanced portable wireless signal detectors in the world, it can extremely fastly determine the location of the working tapping device in the targeted venue. Professional, sensitive, with modularly threshold and wide detecting frequency range, small and portable.


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Portable Signal Jammers Shopping Recommended

Phone mobile devices such as the development of the use of convenient for people in any place, perfect the function of the smart phones, with computer is almost no much difference, in many areas, they are almost replaced the computer. Similarly, for signal jammers, there is a tendency for people to buy portable jammer as they have many features, such as portability, ease to use and hidden.By the way, if you want to use a jammer device anywhere, you definitely get a portable device. For this type of device you have to take a close look at the work area. The bigger it is, the better. Be careful here, however, because a portable mini jammer device with a large work area can discharge the battery in a few minutes.

The vehicle tracking, need a moveable interference shielding GPS satellite signal equipment, portable GPS jammer is used in the GPS tracker is the best tool, no matter where you, it can provide you with safe protection.

About Portable Jammers

The Portable Jammer has the advantages of convenient carrying, simple operation, wide interference range and reliable interference effect. It can interfere with all radio signals with a frequency range of 20~2500MHz. For example, it can shield remote control, mobile phone, radio and other external communication are available, It is possible to use a band rate, etc.,which is suitable for use in various environments.