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How do drone jammers work principle´╝č

Admin Posted on 2022-10-24

The drone jammer device consists of shielding host, low-frequency/high-frequency antenna, and power supply. When the drone jammer device is turned on, it can transmit signals that interfere with the 1.5GHz/2.4GHz/5.8GHz band of the drone. By shielding the UAV's flight control signal and satellite positioning signal, the UAV cannot continue to fly after receiving the flight control signal and satellite positioning. Depending on the drone model, there will be different control effects such as return to flight and landing.

In offensive and defensive situations, there is usually a certain distance between the drone operator and the sensitive area that needs to be fortified. The drone takes off from near the manipulator and gradually approaches the fortified area. When the drone is close to the fort area and capable of effective reconnaissance or sabotage, the drone is usually closer to the fort area than to the operator.

In the above case, all uplink signals sent by the operator (from the ground to the drone) are weak due to distance. At the same power, the defender has a stronger signal than the manipulator because it is closer to the drone. Defenders also received stronger downlink signals than manipulators. However, the defensive goal of the downlink signal is to prevent it from being received by the operator, at which point the drone-to-operator distance is similar to the defender-to-operator distance. Therefore, there is no topographical advantage to blocking downlink signals.

drone jammer system

It can be seen from the above analysis that it is more advantageous to interfere with the uplink signal. It just so happens that the uplink signal is usually a remote control signal directly related to controlling the drone. If the uplink signal is interrupted, the drone will immediately lose control and can only operate according to the steps prescribed by the program (usually landing or hovering). Downlink signals are mostly telemetry and images. Although there may be sensitive information, it is not as important as the control signal. Also, the defenders don't have an advantage in this situation, so they mostly let the downlink signal run its course.

GPS relies on medium-orbiting satellites. In layman's terms, the signal reaches the surface after tens of thousands of kilometers, and it is already very weak. This makes it easier to jam GPS signals when the drone is very close to the defender. If you want to fool it, you will have to use more sophisticated means to simulate GPS satellites, which will be more difficult.

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