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Advantages, disadvantages and application scenarios of drone jammers

Admin Posted on 2022-10-10

One is the use of larger UAVs against small UAVs, which can use larger UAV firepower or high-pressure pneumatic jet capture nets to capture and transfer small UAVs to safety during flight. In the area, you can also use a larger drone to tow a plane-type capture net with a larger cross-sectional area (5-10 square meters) to "adhere" to the target drone during flight. This kind of physical capture The advantages of the method are that the economic cost is low, the safety performance is good, and the damage to the captured UAV is small, which basically does not affect the normal use of the captured target. Physical capture At present, the physical capture commonly used at home and abroad is mainly divided into two categories, but the disadvantage is that the flight parameters, stability and flight skills of the pilots are relatively high for larger UAVs, and the success rate in practice is not high. Another type of physical capture method is to directly control small UAVs during the flight of large raptors such as artificially domesticated eagles and falcons. This method is low-cost, but the training is difficult and the cycle is long.

The drone jammer is a direct countermeasure against drones. It directly intercepts or hits the target drone in a self-injurious way, and damages or destroys the target drone to make it land. The use of this method Scenario is an emergency measure selected under the premise that other methods are inconvenient or impossible to use. Generally, it can only be operated within the line of sight to eliminate more urgent dangers. Using a direct confrontation method requires operators to have better skills, and to select appropriate airspace to prevent damage to ground personnel and facilities. At the same time, this method is less effective when dealing with multiple UAVs that need to be confronted.

Lasers mainly use high-energy laser beams to quickly and efficiently strike long-range targets, and they can also be used to strike UAVs. The laser has a long-range, high energy, and great power. Once it is aimed at the target, it can be instantly damaged or destroyed. The laser can use ground-based and vehicle-mounted methods to strike the target of the drone.cheap drone jammer With the aid of drone search and positioning equipment, it can quickly track the target, and then damage or destroy the target. The disadvantage of using lasers is that the cost is high, it is greatly affected by the weather and the environment, and it is difficult to accurately locate and target the target in a timely manner. In the practice of firepower interception, firepower can be used to attack UAVs. The ground-based lightweight can achieve destructive strikes on the target UAV. Generally, this method can be used in areas where the security of more important large-scale activities and the escort scene of the head of government can be used. Implement emergency countermeasures and strikes against important suspicious drones. However, this method of interception and strike is expensive and has potential safety hazards to ground targets. In non-emergency situations, this method should be used with caution.

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