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How to use drone jammers and precautions

Admin Posted on 2022-10-10

With the advancement of science and technology, people's exploration of high altitudes has become more and more intense. Due to the booming of the drone market, a huge crisis lurking in the boom has been virtually triggered: the problem of drone invasion of high-level security units.

As a small low-altitude aircraft, UAV has a certain load, which is difficult to find and track by traditional methods. It can realize functions such as transportation of prohibited items, reconnaissance and self-destruction attacks, thus posing a substantial threat to various high-level security units. . And because the price of drones is cheap and easy to buy, it is difficult to strictly review the relevant qualifications of buyers, so that drones can easily be used as an ideal tool for invading high-level security units.

Although some high-level security units have strictly protected the surrounding wall areas through the physical defense, air defense, and technical defense measures, there are no special protection measures in the low-altitude airspace of the unit, and no defense system for drones has been established the preventive measures are not in place, resulting in great hidden dangers and risks.

The new type of drone jammer has a more compact structure, which is easy to carry and improves the comfort of use. At the same time, it increases the proportion of the antenna position, increases and increases the storage capacity of the battery, and enhances the endurance of the drone signal jammer. On the operation button, the original three frequency buttons 1.5G, 2.4G, and 5.8G are simplified to the current two function buttons for emergency landing and return. Press and hold to return home to activate 2.4g and 5.8g at the same time, which greatly simplifies the use process. The straps can be installed as required.

rc drone jammer

How drone jammers work

The drone frequency jammer uses ultra-high frequency broadband interference technology and radio frequency suppression technology to cut off the connection between the drone and the remote control, thereby forcing the drone to make a forced landing or forced return. And after the drone is under control, the image transmission channel is cut off, and it will not be able to transmit video, or aerial photos, or receive any instructions from the ground remote controller, so as to protect key areas and prevent privacy from being leaked.

Click the emergency landing button, the drone gun jammer will automatically turn on all frequency bands. Point the countermeasure device at the drone, and press and hold the brake button, the countermeasure device can cut off all contact between the drone and the remote control (positioning, remote control, and Image transmission), and the drone will automatically land in about ten seconds.

Click the return button, and the drone jammer device will automatically turn on the corresponding frequency of remote control and image transmission. Point the countermeasure device at the drone, and press and hold the brake button, the countermeasure device will cut off the video transmission and remote control frequency, and the drone will automatically return to home if it cannot receive the remote control command.

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