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Portable wifi jammer anti tracking

Admin Posted on 2022-08-30

On a normal road, some sooner or later travel along the road at the same time. Someone who was texting someone while walking and hitting someone on their phone had some thoughts, "I want to get away!" On the morning commuter train, I seemed to block the radio waves with a portable wifi jammer. Using these machines can interfere with other radio stations, such as cell phones. Easy to buy.

In some cases, machines called jammers have been installed for the safety of businesses and homes. Let's say you shouldn't be using your phone in class. We use jamming devices in class to turn off radio waves. You can choose your cell phone jammer to keep students focused on class.
Your data will be confidential and no one will use it for your personal interests. This is not a complete list of the advantages of wifi jammers. Also, by blocking WiFi signals, you can keep your location secret. It can also be used to jam GPS trackers. Wi-fi and 3G communications will run out. In this case, phone jammers can help a lot of people.
The working radius of portable 3G jammers can reach 15m, and the working radius of desktop GPS jammers can reach 200m. In this case, a GSM jammer is absolutely needed to block the GSM signal. But they are not the only problem. You can use this type of jammer to protect yourself from all threats.

Each antenna has its own power and radio control buttons. So you can set the radio waves individually to block or not.

Because it's a radio jammer, you can not only use WiFi, but also prevent the use of radio waves like cell phones. (excluding 4G radio waves)

Because it is a small and portable wireless wifi bluetooth jammer, it can be carried around and it is very convenient to use.

It will be powered by household power, but the car's cigarette lighter comes with it so you can charge it even when you're in the car.

10 Band portable wifi signal blocker

Wireless network compatible cell phone jammers are available in testing centers, gas stations, churches, courts, libraries, conference centers, theaters, hospitals, and more.

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