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How does the wifi signal jammer pass through the wall?

Admin Posted on 2022-08-18

Wifi signal jammer, can it be shielded through the wall through the wall? To answer this question, several situations need to be considered.

First of all, look at the wifi signal jammer itself. The wifi jammer emits a wireless radio frequency signal specially designed for mobile phone signals. When it encounters the wall in the transmission path, part of the signal will be reflected back, and part of the signal can directly penetrate the wall. But the signal strength will be attenuated to a certain extent. And facing different walls, the attenuation degree of the jammer is also different. For example, the wall is a reinforced concrete wall or a brick-concrete wall. One wall of reinforced concrete and two continuous walls of brick and concrete, then the interference signal emitted by the wifi signal jammer will basically be attenuated, that is to say, it cannot be used through the wall. Therefore, the signal emitted by the wifi wifi frequency jammer usually cannot pass through the wall. After all, the shielded signal (wireless signal) is not X-ray, and it does not have the ability to penetrate directly, and there will be certain refraction and reflection when it encounters the wall.
Different wall materials have different degrees of attenuation to the wifi jammer. For example, if the wall is made of light steel keel gypsum board, its attenuation will be small, and like glass, wooden doors, etc., the attenuation is also small. In addition, if the signal of the jammer will also be refracted through the open space of doors and windows or through the reflection, refraction of the wall, etc., it will have some influence on the mobile phone signal behind the wall, so that people feel that the wifi signal jammer has penetration. Illusion of ability.

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Of course, the size of the wall penetration ability is also related to the transmit power of each frequency band of the wifi jammer. Generally speaking, the larger the transmitting power, the stronger the penetrating ability. It is the same as listening to the sound of the next door through a wall. If the sound of the next door is louder, you can hear it clearly. won't hear it.

The ability to pass through the wall is also related to the frequency of the wireless signal emitted by the wireless wifi bluetooth jammer. We all know that the lower the frequency of the wireless signal, the stronger the diffraction performance, just like the radio station that everyone usually listens to. The frequencies emitted by radio stations are basically tens of megabytes to more than 100 megabytes, and the frequency is very low. One transmission tower can cover more than 100KM. The lower the frequency of the wireless signal, the stronger the penetration ability will be.

Therefore, when using a wifi signal jammer, if it can be determined that the wall is made of gypsum board and wood board, then you can choose whether to install it on a partition wall. If the wall is made of brick or steel, it is not recommended to install a wifi jammer device on the partition wall.

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