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How to buy a wireless wifi bluetooth jammer?

Admin Posted on 2022-08-24

A wireless frequency jammer that suits you is very important. Do you know what to pay attention to when purchasing?

With the development of communication networks, wireless wifi frequency jammer has become an indispensable interference device for school enrollment, examination rooms, classrooms and other places. Now there are many types of wireless wifi signal jammer products on the market, so how to buy a suitable one for your environment.

portable wifi jammer

For example, the radio frequency jammers used in the college entrance examination room purchased by the government are generally radio frequency jammers with a power of several tens of watts. Mainly put one in each examination room for interference use. This special type of wireless wifi jammer device for the examination room needs to be configured with different interference frequency bands according to user needs, so before purchasing, you must understand whether you want to only interfere with mobile phone signals or interfere with wireless signals or interfere with all frequency bands. Of course, the more frequency bands you configure, the more The price of the radio frequency jammer will be slightly more expensive, which requires the user to choose a suitable wifi disruptor to buy according to the interference needs of each occasion. At the same time, the newly added 5G frequency band of the wireless wifi bluetooth jammer solves the disadvantage that other products cannot interfere with the 5G frequency band, and the interference effect is better than other similar products. The interference effect is stronger, the performance is more stable, and the harm caused by the leakage of information of the communication equipment to the user is avoided.

Warm reminder: When using the wireless wifi frequency jammer, place it at an appropriate height in the middle, so that it can better exert its interference effect.

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