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How to reduce the effects of a wifi jammer?

Admin Posted on 2022-09-15

A wifi jammer is great, it protects our privacy and makes the internet safer, but it also emits a little radiation, although it's almost negligible.

The wifi shield is that the radiation of electronic waves can be ignored, and the damage to the human body is small. It is recommended to choose the shield produced by the regular manufacturer, which can also effectively avoid excessive radiation. It is recommended to place the router in a ventilated environment, and it is not Excessive shielding is recommended.

How to place a wifi jammer´╝č

Try to put the wifi jammer device as high as possible and do not place it in the corner to avoid obstructions. Be aware of interference factors, and if you can't block your WiFi signal, there are other options. This might not be ideal for you if you have to deal with your annoying neighbor's WiFi signal, but it's better than no sleep at all. If you can't go without an internet connection at all (or it's too much of a hassle), consider using a WiFi blocker.

Turn off wireless devices when they are not in use. This includes your computer, smartphone and tablet!Turn off Wi-Fi when not in use. If you have a router and it's connected to the internet via an ethernet cable, great! When you're done using your laptop at night, or if you're going to be away from it for a while, you can turn off the Wi-Fi connection with the click of a button.

5g wifi jammer

Turn off Bluetooth when not in use. If no one is nearby and their phone is paired to yours via Bluetooth technology - turning it off will save battery life on both devices (not just yours).

Turn off the lights/lights before turning on the TV or computer as this uses energy which costs money. Think how much light bulbs cost compared to other appliances like TVs etc.

The first step is to solve the problem. If you can, get rid of your router and move your bedroom to the other side of the house. If you're looking for ways to reduce EMF, WiFi blockers such as tinfoil are also a good option.

We hope this article gave you some tips on how to properly use a signal jammer. Remember that your bedroom is one of the most important places in your home, so make sure it's as free of electromagnetic pollution as possible.

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