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How to process the production details of the wifi jammer?

Admin Posted on 2022-09-29

The rapid development of the Internet has made our privacy issues more and more insecure, so many people choose to use wifi jammer, but many people do not know much about its manufacturing process.

The following is the production process of the wifi jammer

You must first analyze which shielded antenna will be used in the production process. The shielded antenna is the most important part of the jammer and also plays a very important role in jamming the signal. Because it is easily damaged and broken, you need to pay attention to it when assembling or disassembling the product.

The wifi jammer production environment meets the required standards.

• Cleanliness: The environment must be free of dust and other contaminants that could interfere with board connections.

• Safety: The environment must be free of any hazards that could harm employees working on the product. This includes fire hazards, electric shock, and chemical spills (if you use these).

• Dry: If your workplace has water, it should be removed before your wifi jammer device manufacturer begins production to avoid damaging sensitive components such as microchips or wires in it.

Then you need to determine how the wifi signal jammer is powered.

In fact, before the design process, you need to consider the power supply method. The power supply method should be determined according to the frequency of the wifi frequency jammer and its blocking range. The power supply method can be divided into two parts: one is a fixed circuit (using DC voltage), and the other is a battery-powered circuit using a portable battery.

Fixed circuits are usually used for low-frequency jammers (such as CDMA) with frequencies of 800MHz or below because it has a good blocking effect on the low-frequency signal of such jammers; while high-frequency wifi blockers use battery-powered circuits, as they are designed to block signals from 1.8 GHz or higher (eg GSM). Finally, you need to ensure that the work environment can meet the required requirements.

There are certain processes that jammer manufacturers must follow during the manufacturing process to ensure their jammers are in good working order. The manufacturing process is very special and unlike other manufacturers, it is also a difficult process.

The production of wireless wifi bluetooth jammer is a very special process. As long as we follow these methods, then in the end we can make a high quality wifi jammer with some functionality.

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Pay attention to the following matters, the wifi jammer has a longer service life!