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What types of wifi jammer can interfere with the signal?

Admin Posted on 2022-10-10

There are many places where wifi jammer is used. The most common ones are those used in various exam rooms. However, many people do not understand how wifi signal jammers work, and they don’t even know what wifi jammers can interfere with. Signal. Today, let's popularize the following things about wifi blockers.

5G wifi jammer

At present, the common wifi jammer device on the market can basically interfere with the mobile phone signals of all current operators, including the relative WIFI in daily work and life, so as to eliminate the chance of any candidates who want to exploit the loopholes. Also, depending on the frequency band of the signal, wifi frequency jammers interfere with different signals. Now that technology is more and more developed, jammers that can interfere with 4G mobile phone signals have been available for many years. However, the speed of technological development is too fast, and now 5G has gradually begun to spread in China. These wifi jammer kit that can only interfere with 4G signals in the past will also be upgraded to wireless wifi jammer that can interfere with 5G signals.

8 band handheld wifi jammer

In addition to interfering with cell phone signals, wireless wifi bluetooth jammers can also interfere with other types of wireless signals. Add interference modules in different frequency bands as needed to achieve the interference effect of wireless signals in this frequency band. The interference range depends on the transmit power of the interfering module in the frequency band and the signal strength transmitted by the signal source. Under normal circumstances, the common wireless frequency band of 20M-6000M can be realized, and seamless coverage can be achieved. This full-band shield is generally used in some special places. Such as special police, security forces, airports, and so on.

Now blutooth wifi jammers are more and more important to us. With the development of jammers, it is not difficult to get a multi-function signal jammer now. The signal jammer can block mobile phones, GPS, and WiFi at the same time. If you want to buy such a good multifunctional signal jammer, come here www.jammer-mart.com is your trusted store.

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