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What is the specific function of the network version of the wireless signal jammer?

Admin Posted on 2022-08-22

The network version of the wireless signal jammer is a new type of high-tech information security product developed on the basis of the original, using modern high-tech, through in-depth analysis of communication principles, and comprehensive comparison of electromagnetic emission suppression methods. After the original normal version was improved, each antenna was updated and upgraded. By emitting a specific electromagnetic signal, the on-site wireless communication equipment cannot be connected with the external wireless communication signal, thereby interrupting the connection between the on-site wireless communication tool and the outside world. It is a security guard for school examination rooms and confidential places.

Wi-Fi signal jammers have always been the nemesis of cheating. It can effectively block the signal transmission of the communication equipment, so that there will be no signal in the entire examination room area, which will also reduce the occurrence of many cheating behaviors. So what are the specific functions of the network version of the wireless signal jammer?

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After the wireless signal jammer is networked, it is equipped with an intelligent control system platform, which can be networked across cities and remotely to achieve unified centralized control; B/S architecture, browser login management or C/S client architecture; support remote control of equipment switches; Support remote monitoring of the running status of equipment; support functions such as timed planning and group management to shut down equipment; support 7*24 hours of continuous operation with stable performance; support log query, status browsing, etc.

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