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Is the signal jammer system the bigger the better? What are the installation errors?

Admin Posted on 2022-08-30

Detention centers are institutions for detaining criminals who have been arrested or detained in accordance with the law. Criminals who are sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than one year, or whose remaining sentence is not more than one year and cannot be sent to a labor reform facility for execution, may also be supervised by a detention center. The tasks of the detention center are to carry out armed guards on detainees and prisoners in accordance with national laws to ensure safety; to educate the prisoners; to manage the life and health of the prisoners; to ensure the smooth progress of investigation, prosecution and trial work.
In order to meet the needs of the new situation, improve the technology prevention capabilities of detention centers, strengthen the technical management level of detention centers, promote the construction of digital detention centers, promote the harmonious and stable development of detention centers, and continuously improve the modernization level of detention centers, it is necessary to scientifically and effectively control and prevent cell phone signals in detention centers. , to eliminate the security risks caused by illegal use of mobile phones.

However, there are generally three misunderstandings in the installation of cell phone jammers in detention centers. Let's take a look at the misunderstandings in the installation of wifi signal jammer in detention centers.

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Myth 1: The high power, the better

1. The host frequency output is inaccurate, the frequency drifts, the bandwidth is too wide, the power is wasted, and the base station is interfered;

2. The shielding efficiency of the simple sweeping power suppression method is not high, and the radiation is large;

3. Power false standard, exaggerated propaganda, the nominal power loses its reference value;

4. Power is the foundation, and technology is the shutdown. It is better to find good methods and techniques than to fight for power recklessly;

Myth 2: Using directional antennas can avoid interference

1. There is a certain transmitted signal strength outside the directional angle of the directional antenna, but it is much lower than the main lobe, not completely directional;

2. The reflection of the building will still cause external interference;

3. The frequency drift of the host seriously affects the base station and causes external interference;

4. TD full-time shielding interference must exist.

Misunderstanding 3: High-power signal jammer has large radiation, and low-power radiation is small

1. The high power adopts the function of outdoor antenna, which has long operating distance, large shielding coverage, uniform shielding signal, but very little radiation;

2. If the low-power equipment does not use multiple antennas for long-distance shielding, but is centrally arranged or 5 antennas work together, the radiated power will be greater than 10 microwatts/square centimeter, and the short-range radiation must be seriously exceeded;

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