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Are all wifi jammer antennas the same length?

Admin Posted on 2022-11-04

As one of the most important components of the wifi jammer, the antenna is the most common for every customer who comes into contact with this product. The most common one is the cylindrical omnidirectional antenna. When customers have the opportunity to see different models, After using various types of wifi signal jammers for different purposes, you will find that in addition to the appearance of the jamming devices, the antennas are also different. In particular, there are multiple antennas configured by some interfering devices, and their lengths are exactly the same, but there are multiple antennas configured by some devices, and their lengths are not exactly the same. What is going on?

First of all, let's take a look at the structure of the omnidirectional antenna. The antenna of the wifi signal jammer we usually see is actually only the shell of the antenna. The antenna shell is hollow in the middle, and the real performance of the antenna is in the shell. , Hidden in the antenna shell is the antenna core, which can be a radio frequency cable or an antenna vibrator made of copper wire, copper sheet, or other metal materials.

The length of the core of the antenna is related to its corresponding standing wave frequency. Different standing wave frequencies use different antenna core lengths. According to the characteristics of the relationship between frequency and wavelength, there is a basic rule: the higher the frequency, the shorter the core length of the antenna, on the contrary, the lower the frequency, the longer the core length of the antenna.

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We sometimes see wifi frequency jammer that use the same length of the antenna. In fact, these antennas use a uniform length of the antenna housing, which is done for the sake of beauty and unity. In fact, each of these antennas with the same length corresponds to a working frequency band. Therefore, if you only need to observe these antennas carefully, you will find that the tail ends of these antennas will have clear identification marks of frequency parameters. In practical applications, usually, low-power wifi jammer device use omnidirectional antennas of the same length.

In high-power wifi jammers, the configured omnidirectional antenna has relatively high requirements for technical indicators such as carrying power and standing wave ratio, and at the same time, it is also to avoid wasting unnecessary antenna casing sleeves. It is no longer mandatory to make the length of the antenna exactly the same. It even sometimes appears on high-power wifi bluetooth jammer. Not only will the antenna lengths of each frequency band be inconsistent, but also the diameter of the omnidirectional antenna will be inconsistent.

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