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Questions about the wifi jammer in the detention center?

Admin Posted on 2022-11-17

The advancement of science and technology has added great convenience to everyone's daily life, especially in the past two years, the progress of communication technology has been rapid, and the machines and equipment produced by many data wifi jammer manufacturers have updated their own machines and equipment for the development of the times. In order to be able to integrate into the requirements of new forms, high and new technology can improve the professional ability of innovative technology prevention and control in detention centers, improve the management level of innovative technology in detention centers, promote the infrastructure projects of intelligent system detention centers, promote the harmonious and stable development trend of detention centers, and continuously improve the level of intelligent systems in detention centers. Standardize and efficiently manipulate and prevent detention center signals, and eliminate potential safety hazards caused by using mobile phones in violation of regulations.

8 bands wifi jammer

What is the problem with the data wifi signal jammer?

Problem 1: Using directional antennas can avoid interference

1. The azimuth of the directional antenna has a certain emission point signal, which is only much lower than the main lobe, and it is not completely fixed;

2. The vertical surface of the building will still cause interference with the expansion of the opening;

3. The drift of the output power of the network server seriously threatens the mobile base station and causes the expansion of open interference

4. TD 24-hour shielding interference must exist.

Problem 2: The more power, the better

1. The output power of the network server is not derived accurately, the output power drifts, the server bandwidth is too wide, power consumption, mobile base station interference;

2. The shielding efficiency of the simple frequency offset power suppression method is not high, and the radiation is very large;

3. The power is too high, exaggerated, and publicized, and the standard power lacks its practical significance;

4. Power is fundamental, and technology is dormant. It is not as good as finding good methods and techniques to fight hard;

Problem 3: High-power mechanical equipment has large radiation, while low-power mechanical equipment has a small radiation

1. The function of a high-power TV antenna, the effect distance is far, the shielding coverage is large, the shielding signal is uniform, and the radiation is particularly small;

2. The use of multiple external antennas for low-power mechanical equipment is not long-distance shielding, centralized and precise positioning, or when five external antennas work together, the radiation power exceeds 10 microwatts/cubic decimeter, and the short-distance radiation has always exceeded the standard

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