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What happens if a substandard wifi jammer is used in prison?

Admin Posted on 2022-09-20

In places where there are strict requirements for shielding mobile phones, such as in prisons, when using unqualified wifi jammer, the following situations will occur:

①The shielding effect of the shielded area is not strict, there are a large number of blind spots and dead corners, and the windows in some prison areas, especially near the base station, can still be connected to mobile phones, leaving opportunities for criminals, and can not fully prevent the illegal use of mobile phones the goal of.

② Areas that should not be shielded severely interfere: The prison work area is severely shielded, affecting the normal work of the staff; more serious interference will further expand the scope and even interfere with the base station to paralyze it, nearby cells, factories, units Severe interference in a large area will have a certain impact on nearby residents. Complaints from operation departments such as China Mobile, China Unicom, and Telecom, as well as investigation and handling by the local radio management department, will have some negative impact on the normal work of the prison, disrupting the Harmony of the police and the people.

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③The system is unstable: the wifi signal jammer is sometimes good and sometimes bad, the reliability is not high, and the failure is frequent. Especially in summer and autumn, the equipment is damaged due to various faults. Although it has been replaced and maintained in a large number of later stages, the expected shielding effect cannot be achieved.

Therefore, prisons must choose regular manufacturers and use wifi jammer device wifi jammer device specially designed for prisons.

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