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Wifi jammer to the rescue of students

Admin Posted on 2022-10-18

The wifi jammer is one of the essential equipment for places like examination halls, prisons and gas stations, and its role is to shield the wifi signal and make the cell phone unable to operate normally. In this information age schools of course can not do without the participation of wifi signal blocker, with this instrument, at least want to rely on the phone up to cheat, or addicted to the game is simply impossible. So many schools will choose to install wifi signal jammer.

September is the beginning of the new semester, due to the first six months of the epidemic, many schools have arranged for students to be at home in the Internet class, which does not immediately return to campus school, most students at home using cell phones have formed a dependence. Students addicted to cell phones is a thing that makes parents and schools are very headache. Schools have good intentions and block cell phone signals in order to let students study, rest and break the idea of playing games. Nowadays, cell phones and games have become almost the most serious challenge to education.

In order to pull students out of the mire, the use of some unconventional management methods such as the ban on playing cell phones and games is also for the good of students, is necessary. Schools need to do something about this matter, blocking cell phone signals kettle, certainly more effective than the appeal, teachers check the room, the development of strict management measures.

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Wifi signal jammer installation considerations

So what do you need to pay attention to when installing a wifi jammer device? In fact, the installation itself will also be relatively simple, but a few small details before the installation determines how effective the subsequent use of this wifi signal blocker. For example, the installation site near the environment, and the installation height.

In order to ensure that the signal to achieve the best effect, generally installed more than one meter three meters below the best effect. wifi frequency jammer is relatively small, with ordinary screws can be fixed in the ceiling or wall above. Of course, it can also be placed directly on top of a table or something with. However, in this case, the effect is not very good. After installation, but also to check whether the various parts are well connected, and power supply and other accessories are not a problem. Finally, the power adapter will be inserted into the machine's adapter power socket, directly connected to the 220V power supply.

Then is the test machine, if there are problems, found in the test process, you can first contact the manufacturer to solve the problem. As long as the regular manufacturers, will generally be resolved in a timely manner.

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