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What is drone jammer used for?

Admin Posted on 2022-10-11

In recent years, the drone industry has developed very rapidly, and drones are used in aerial photography, logistics, search and rescue, and other fields. Although this brings certain convenience, it also causes the problem of drones flying randomly and black. In order to solve this chaos, the drone jammer came into being.

What is a drone jammer system?

It is understood that due to the small size of UAVs, they can fly at low altitudes, and current civil aviation radars cannot detect low-altitude UAVs. In order to prevent it from affecting civil aviation aircraft, major airports use drone jammer devices to shoot down drones using physical principles, but it will not cause damage and reduce the situation of black flying. Individuals, companies, detention centers, and other fields, improve confidentiality, improve security, and make black-flying drones make an emergency landing. So its listing has attracted the attention of many customers.

Types of drone jammers

At present, the drone signal jammer technology of various countries is mainly divided into three categories.

1. Interference blocking is mainly realized by techniques such as signal interference and sound wave interference.

2. Direct destruction, including using laser weapons, using drones to counter drones, etc.

3. Monitoring and control, which is mainly realized by hijacking radio control.

At present, all civilian UAVs need to use radio technology to achieve positioning, remote control, image transmission, and other functions. Of course, some special-purpose UAVs can use methods such as terrain matching, image recognition, and high-precision inertial navigation to determine their position and complete tasks autonomously, but they have not yet been popularized in the civilian field.

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Application fields of UAV jammers

Drone frequency blockers are mainly used in airports, public security systems, prisons, detention centers, drug rehabilitation centers, confidential institutions, troops, large-scale events, concerts, important meetings, government agencies, anti-terrorism fields, and other important locations and facilities, requiring space confidentiality, the area controlled by drones.

The drone is not a prop for entertainment. Its serious purpose is to bring convenience to human beings. The test flight is possible, but it must not affect the lives of others. As mentioned at the beginning, the drone industry is developing very rapidly, which also determines that it must have a very broad development prospect.

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