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How to test the signal strength of a wifi jammer?

Admin Posted on 2022-10-31

WiFi jammer is often used in school examination rooms, student dormitories, church conference rooms, factory workshops, toilets, detention centers, prisons, troops, military areas, interrogation rooms and other places.

In order to prevent students from using mobile phones to pass information, leak test papers, cheat on exams and other purposes, some school exams are also designed to prevent teachers from leaking test paper information on the way to escort the test papers, which will have a negative impact on future tests.

The wifi signal jammer uses electromagnetic interference of the same frequency as the downlink frequency of the base station received by the mobile phone, and will be affected by the signal strength of the nearby base station.

How to test the mobile phone signal strength where wifi signal blocking is used?

If everyone knows that the distance of the jammer is determined by the signal strength of the place where the jammer is used, how can our users test the signal strength of the place where the jammer is used without the equipment?

First, simply put, the signal strength is based on the density of installed base stations by the three major mobile telecom operators. If the user makes a call, the user's mobile phone will automatically connect to the base station signal of the nearby local operator. When we talk about signal strength, we are referring to how far the user is connected to the base station. If the signal strength is stronger, the user is closer to the base station, and the signal strength of the mobile phone is weaker and further away from the base station.

wireless wifi bluetooth jammer

Today we will teach you an easy way to test the signal strength of the mobile phone used by the WIFI signal jamming user. First, there are several common ways to test signal strength. First of all, using the professional debugging equipment "spectrum analyzer" from the shielding device of the factory, we can quickly identify the signal strength of the surrounding base stations, and also can quickly detect the signal strength of the mobile base station. Unicom base station signal strength, telecom mobile phone base station signal strength, etc.

Then the use of professional equipment for testing is usually expensive and inconvenient for users to use. Only professionally trained personnel can use it. The second method is to use professional data testing software. Generally, many of these apps are charged and we will not go into details introduced.

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