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Why do wifi jammer mostly use the transmission method of wired connection?

Admin Posted on 2022-10-05

On many occasions need to limit the use of the network, installing a wifi jammer has become the most effective way to solve this problem. However, users like some schools, prisons, detention centers, etc., their demand for wifi signal jammer is large-scale, and they often need dozens or even hundreds of them. So how to control and manage a large number of shielding devices in a unified way has prompted the synchronous development of the wifi jammer device control system. Nowadays, several shielding devices with remote unified centralized management functions can also be seen on the market. After comparing the product functions and supporting performance, the question arises. Why do the control systems of wifi blockers mostly adopt the transmission method of wired connection?

Reasons why wifi jammers use wired connections

At present, in the control system of the common wifi signal blocker, the networking methods of its multiple shielding devices are almost all connected by a wired connection. Multi-core cable for serial protocol networking. There is another way, which is in the form of a power carrier, by means of the power line that supplies power to the wifi jammer kit, and also transmits the control system while supplying power. But no matter which of the above methods, their communication network is actually through a wired connection. So some customers think: Wired connection must require construction and wiring, so is it possible to use relatively mature wireless networking technology to control several wifi jammer online?

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Although the biggest advantage of wireless networking is that there is no need to arrange dedicated communication cables, the communication frequency band used in wireless networking is precisely the communication frequency band that needs to be shielded or interfered with most during the use of our wireless wifi bluetooth jammer, such as 433MHz and WiFi2.4G, 5.8G, etc., if the wireless connection is used to realize the networking of the control system of the wireless wifi signal jammer, it will cause a very embarrassing result: when the manager remotely opens the phone jammer through the software, because at this time If the signal is not shielded yet, it is normal to turn on the equipment in the system, but once the wifi jammer device is turned on, the wireless communication signal will be disturbed by the shielded signal, which will cause the management personnel to carry out the next control command. When sending and transmitting, the signal cannot be reached or the transmission distance is severely shortened. This will also make the whole set of wifi blocker control systems unstable.

Because of the factors that cause unstable signal transmission analyzed above, most of the control systems used for wifi jammers can only use wired connection and networking transmission methods.

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