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Frequently asked questions about wifi jammer knowledge

Admin Posted on 2022-09-20

The internet has become more and more ubiquitous and has dramatically changed our lives beyond email and online shopping. In this fast-developing society, we need a wifi jammer. Here are some every day tips about wifi blockers.

1. After the wifi jammer device works for a period of time, the casing becomes hot. Will it damage the machine after working for a long time?
A: Thank you for your attention, this is a normal phenomenon. In design, we use the thermal conductivity of aluminum alloy thermal strips to assist the heat dissipation. This ensures long-term stable operation. Therefore, a hot case will not damage the machine

2. How to check whether the mobile phone is blocked?
A: When checking whether the mobile phone is blocked, you should pay attention to not only check the signal grid number on the mobile phone, because the signal grid number on the mobile phone is sometimes false and does not represent the current communication situation of the mobile phone. At this time, you must not jump to conclusions prematurely. , that the shield is ineffective. Instead, you should dial the mobile phone intermittently. You can try to dial the local toll-free number or a fixed landline number. If you can't get through, it is judged to be still within the shielding range. Otherwise, it means that it has exceeded the shielding range.

3. Can a cell phone signal blocker block wifi?
Answer: Yes, it is a new technology full-band mobile phone signal blocker, which means that it can block 2G+3G+4G+5G+WIFI.
There are also those that only block 2.4G router wifi, but do not block mobile phone signals. This is mainly based on customer needs.

4. What signals can a wifi signal jammer block?
Answer: The current blocker can block: GSM network (Mobile 2G/Unicom 2G), TD network (Mobile 3G), CDMA network (Telecom 2G), CDMA2000 network (Telecom 3G), WCDMA network (Unicom 3G), DCS (1800MHz) ), CDMA (1900MHz), 4G (China Mobile TDD-LTE), 5G, WIFI (wireless local area network), GPS (satellite signal), etc.

EO08007US8 Band Portable WiFi Jammer Jam It blocks signal types including CDMA, GSM, DCS, PCS, 3G, 4G, 4G LTE, GPS, Lojack, WiFi frequency jammers. The hand-held design is compact and portable is one of its main features. Want to know more welcome to inquire

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