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UAV jammers can jam and shield satellite positioning signals

Admin Posted on 2022-10-27

With the rapid increase in the popularity of UAVs, the difficulty of controlling UAVs is increasing day by day. In order to solve the efficiency of relevant departments' control of drone security and protect the privacy of ordinary people.

The company independently develops and produces a drone jammer, which can interfere with all satellite positioning signals, including GPS/Beidou/GLONASS/Galileo; The ISM 5.8G frequency band is used for interference shielding, forcing the remote control of the drone, image transmission positioning, and signal interruption to achieve the functions of forced landing/returning/hovering. The interference distance is long, and the open area is greater than 1500 meters.

drone signal jammer

Product function advantages

1 Independent research and development, production, reasonable price, sufficient power.

2 Warning, cut off all signal communication between the drone and the controller, the remote controller of the drone fails, and the video and pictures are lost, forcing the drone to return.

3 Quickly force the drone to land, hover or return.

4 The operation is easy to use.

3. Technical parameters

1 Product Name: Portable Movable Drone Jammer

2: battery life Continuous work up to 2 hours, external charger.

3: Operation mode One-handed or two-handed operation, three or four frequency bands can be opened arbitrarily.

4: Cooling method Air cooling

5: Interception method Forced return, drive away, forced landing, forced landing by hovering, image transmission interference

6: Intercept channel three-channel/four-channel

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