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Precautions for the purchase of home wifi signal jammer

Admin Posted on 2022-09-02

Some parents often come to consult the home signal shielding device, which is mainly used in their own indoor environment. In order to prevent children from overplaying mobile phones and affecting their studies, that is, they want to use the signal shielding device to limit children's excessive use of mobile phones or tablet computers, etc., hoping to cut off the signal. , Cut off the network, so that children are no longer addicted to games or the Internet. So what should you pay attention to when buying a home wifi signal jammer?

The characteristics of the wifi signal blocker used by families are: First, the use time is relatively fixed: mainly the time when the child goes home from school until the time to rest and sleep at night, and the time for holidays. The second feature is that the area covered by the shielded signal of the signal shielding device should not be too large, and try not to affect the up- and down-stairs neighbors or the left and right neighbors of the building where the family is located. Otherwise, it will cause unnecessary trouble. The third feature is that as a parent, it is more expected that when using the signal shielding device, it is best not to let the child notice or to be able to play the role of signal shielding across the room where the child is.

Combining the use characteristics of these household signal shielding instruments, the signal shielding instrument that can meet the requirements of this condition is the recommended low-power or hand-held signal shielding instrument, because this kind of signal shielding instrument itself has a small transmission power and a range of effects. It is limited, and the appearance and shape are not large, which is more suitable for the use scene of the home environment.

home wifi jammer

So, what needs to be paid attention to when using a signal shielding device at home? First of all, try not to let the signal shielding range affect the next door neighbor when using it, so it is recommended to use it as far as possible from the window. Next is the note. I intend to communicate with children. Although the original intention of using a signal shielding device is to let children divert their attention and study hard, the original intention is good, but it must not cause contradictions or escalation. The best solution is to negotiate friendly with children together more planning study and entertainment time.

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