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Factors that should be considered when selecting a wifi jammer

Admin Posted on 2022-11-04

In the product hardware design, due to the use of high-speed chips, interfaces, high-power circuits, etc., to take into account electromagnetic interference and electromagnetic radiation, wifi jammer design is essential.

With the rapid development of modern electronics industry, a variety of highly integrated and high-power wireless communication systems and the number of electronic devices has increased dramatically, resulting in electromagnetic interference and electromagnetic pollution problems are becoming increasingly prominent, not only in the field of communication on the generation, propagation and reception of signals caused great impact, but also to the production and life of human society, especially human health brings a danger that can not be ignored.

The United Nations Conference on the Human Environment as early as 1969 will be electromagnetic radiation as the fourth major public hazard following water, air and noise pollution.

8 band wifi signal jammer

Electromagnetic shielding materials are a class of functional materials that can attenuate electromagnetic wave energy transmission through absorption and reflection to effectively suppress electromagnetic interference and pollution.

Jammer mart professional production processing and manufacturing of various types of signal jammer, in the process of our testing of customer products, our testers found that the choice of aluminum foil or copper foil material made of shielding material is the easiest way to improve the shielding effectiveness value, its thickness in 0.2mm can reach excellent electromagnetic shielding effectiveness (about 55-70dB).
If you let two of the same shielding material overlapping test, the shielding effectiveness value can do 80-90 dB, so it can be seen as the preparation of the thickness of 0.5mm, the shielding effect can be better!

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