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Precautions for installing high-power full-band wifi jammer

Admin Posted on 2022-10-12

According to the different needs of the site, the installation location of the full-band wifi jammer will also be different. When installed outdoors, it is to interfere with the mobile phone signal in the outdoor open environment. Generally, it is in some places that require a relatively large interference range. At this time, a high-power full-band wifi signal jammer is generally used. And high-power wifi jammers are basically equipped with a box with a certain waterproof capability as the chassis shell. As long as the box is not flooded by water, there is basically no need to worry about the problem of water entering the box. Of course, when using a high-power wifi jammer outdoors, it is not enough to only pay attention to waterproofing. You also need to pay attention to lightning protection. The lightning protection method is to weld the antenna bracket to a lightning rod, and then use a 2-meter long Insert the steel drill into the ground, and weld one end of the steel drill to the antenna bracket or lightning rod with steel wire.

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Outdoor installation of wifi jammer

In some specific places, if you want to interfere with the outdoor environment, but the interference distance is relatively small, you can use a low-power full-band wifi jammer device to be installed in the outdoor area where interference is required. First of all, low-power jammers do not need lightning protection treatment, because the installation position is relatively low, the most important thing is to pay attention to rain protection. When designing low-power full-band wifi frequency jammers, some waterproof designs have been made, but Since the casing is not completely sealed and the waterproof ability is relatively weak, it is necessary to install an awning above the low-power jammer and to install rain-proof louvers around the jammer. The size of the awning is required to exceed the size of the jammer itself, and it should be extended by about 15 cm at the front edge, but the operation of the full-band jammer should be checked regularly, and the interface of the power supply cord should be waterproofed before it can be used normally.

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